Birth of the vineyard

1954, Marcel Malidain settled in La Limouzinière. With 4 hectares of vines in mixed farming and cattle breeding. He created the foundations of the family history.

The vines consecration

Even though he was meant for selling viticulture products, Michel joined the family farm in 1974, because Marcel, his father, had a coronary. Michel agreed with taking over the farm provides that it would be dedicated to the vines only.

Family history

With a wealth of experience in France and abroad, Romain, Michel’s son took over the vineyard.

In 2018, Freddy, Romain’s brother, joined the estate. The same year, Christophe, their uncle joined the adventure. Together they form the Malidain trio and give a contemporary impulse to the family legacy.

Histoire familiale

Christophe, Romain and Freddy.