Freddy. Photo credit: Nicolas Louerat

His career path

Freddy started with a vocational diploma in joinery and layout. After his apprenticeship he carried on with a vocational diploma in cabinetmaking. Afterwards he worked in the research department for a kitchen designer.

He arrived in 2018 in the family estate. He is in charge of the winegrowing and the winemaking management.

His philosophy

Just a little bit fussy, Freddy likes when things are well done and well organized.

He meets up with Romain and Christophe every morning for a working out and for sharing out the tasks.

Freddy likes the fact that every week is different. He loves to work outside with the agricultural machinery and the automated robot. A precious and efficient help for the soil’s maintenance.

His favorite cuvee in the estate

Sensation de Grandlieu because we are right in the Muscadet typicity. A rich wine which, according to him, will always be the best during tastings on the vat.

What he likes to drink

A glass of Coteaux du Layon – a French appellation in the South of Angers (sweet white wine).