A subtle wink to the past

Did you notice our emblematic logo? Half-beef, half-grape. But why the “Demi-Boeuf”?

A story full of history

We must leap into the past: between 1793 and 1796, during the Vendée’s wars.

A group of Royalist soldiers enjoyed a roasted beef with the inhabitants. Together they started to share the meat for a jovial meal.

But suddenly they are warned that Republicans troops were approaching. With regrets, they had to give up half of their feast to scatter in the countryside.

The pursuit of the legacy

Thus, the half-roasted beef, involuntarily given to the enemy became the namesake of the area. A source of historical inspiration for us, as you can see in our logo and in some of our cuvées.

Le Demi-Bœuf

Le Demi-Boeuf. Crédit photo : Nicolas Louerat.