Christophe. Photo credit: Nicolas Louerat.

His career path

Christophe obtained a vocational diploma in mechanics, and he joined the army right after. When he came back, he worked for 13 years with his brother Michel at the Malidain estate. In 1999 he set up his own business and ran his transport company. At last, he joined his nephews at the Malidain vineyard in 2018.

In the estate he is in charge of the business development and customer relationship.

His philosophy

Christophe is organized but not patient. He is currently working on this point, but it is not going fast enough for him…

7 A.M. – Christophe’s first job is to meet up with Romain and Freddy to communicate on the week to come. Then he checks his mailbox and plans his commercial tours.

He likes the commercial side of his job and the contact with people.

His favorite cuvee in the estate

Amphibolite, because it is a generous, complex, and greedy wine!

What he likes to drink

His favorite grape varietal is Pinot Noir, and his favorite wine region is Bourgogne.