Romain. Photo credit : Nicolas Louerat

His career path

After a high school diploma (in sciences and technologies of agronomy and environment) and a vocational diploma (wine and oenology), Romain studied marketing and business in Nantes. Right after that, he went to New-Zealand to work. After his return to France, to the family vineyard, he decided to develop export. In the estate, he handles customs and viti-vini administrative side, communication, export and winegrowing and vinification.

His philosophy

He is organized and he is someone who likes to get things right. Romain always come up with new ideas and plans. His impatience is a challenge but as he says: “it takes patience with this job”. Early riser, Romain generally arrived at 6.30 A.M. at the estate or even earlier on summer weather. He always starts with some paperwork. Then he meets up with Freddy and Christophe to set up the week. He finds his balance between the customers and the work in the vines or in the cellar.

His favorite cuvee in the estate

Amphibolite! First because it is a cuvée with a high potential. Only the winemaker can see the ageing evolution over time. Amphibolite will also be one of the cuvée in the future appellationSaint Philbert” in Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu.

What he likes to drink

Though he is an unconditional Muscadet lover, Romain is a huge fan of Viognier, Syrah, and Mourvèdre of the Rhône Valley. A nice wine region which knows how to keep freshness in its wines yet high in alcohol.