France largest natural lake

Located in the South-West of Nantes, this nature reserve is at least 7.000 hectares in winter (about 3.500 hectares in summer). That makes it the largest natural plain lake in France.

Situated at 15 kilometers from our vineyard, the lake gives us a microclimate which facilitate the Melon B precocity.

Ornithological tourism

Grandlieu lake is the second ornithological reserve in France – 300 bird species were identified here (egret, heron, stilt, grebe, black-eared kite or kingfisher).

Hiking route

You can find foot-path between 6 and 73 kilometers around the lake. Multiples starts are available. The lake is vast and not very deep but swimming and nautical activities are forbidden to preserve biodiversity.

Grandlieu lake’s house

In Bouaye, just next to the lake, you will find the lake’s house. Its mission is to highlight and to raise the public awareness of the lake biodiversity protection.

You will find a guided tour, a discovery tour and an exhibition center. Moreover, local food and wine pairings are suggested in summer time.